Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Collaboration of kinship

There was once a little boy, born to the earth in a place which is well known as a peaceful and prosperous country. Fall to this world without worries and trouble but increased the burden of his parent in both financing. Even though it is a burden, but they never complain yet accept it with a big heart. The newly born child is like a gem in their palms. They will always give the best to this boy and educate him wherever the best. Soon, they receive their new babies. They had seen it as it is bestowed by god. Everything was fine the first few years after the third child was born. Suddenly, a calamity has struck this family. More accurately it’s a calamity which struck the whole world. In 1997, the world economy depletes. No countries were an exception. The world economy crisis has causes millions of people loses their jobs and loading more heavy burden on their shoulder. Maybe there were some lucky guys but most of them suffered badly in the crisis. The debt is rolling heavily.

They still struggle to get some cash for the need of their children when their last child was born earlier in the year of crisis. Making it worse, they lost their jobs and stay at home and become the caretaker of their children. She was force to get a job to provide the financial support to the family. Luckily, she was blessed, she got the job the day she went for interview. From that day onwards, she bears the responsibilities in taking care of the family finance. This tremendous pressure that added to her shoulder making her more frustrated. In addition, he stays in the house for a few years without any jobs making her more frustrated. They started to quarrel almost everyday. This was the darkest period in this family and these things occur to most family in the globe.

By that time, their children are their support. They still stick together till now and making all the impossible possible. He finally got a job. Back to share the financial burden together. The peaceful and happy family is finally back. Without worries, they show more care towards their children. Now, they have finally gone through their 20th anniversary and hoping to be together for eternity. It’s their wishes and also their children’s wish.

Their age is catching and health is deteriorated. The common sickness has spawn on their healthy body. They are now more prone to be sick. The burden on their shoulder has also been doubled as all their child has grown up and pursuing more advance education. Their children who still have no financial basic are demanding on more and more cash to spend. Getting more and more materialistic and getting touch with the ever changing trend. Their worries before stepping on their married has finally emerge. At the same time, their children are also more independent by getting a part time job to cover up their needs.

No body knows what will happen in the future. Maybe a new financial crisis is coming, pollution is getting worse, more calamities, health problem or other unexpected event is occurring. So live your own life to the very best because the world is filled with love and care. Good luck in having a life of full promising and be ready to bear all the responsibilities as “they” do when you are ready.

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