Saturday, November 17, 2007

The failure of Domino Day 2007

What a pity...

Just a moment ago, I heard that today held the World Domino Day 2007. I missed it.

It is an attempt to break the world record that held every year. The main theme of Domino Day 2007 is 'Falling Into Life'. It is a big event that set up by 4.5 million dominoes and was divided into 40 different domino projects.

Its a pity when I heard that the attempt of breaking the previous records of 4,079,381 stones fell was failed. A total of 3 671 465 out of 4 500 000 dominoes fell. It is the first time in nine years that Domino Day failed to break the world record.

This failure was devastating as the dominoes was placed by many builders from 12 countries forsake their time and energies to complete the placing and arranging of the 4.5 million dominoes. Heard that they spent 8 hours a day for the placing.

Unfortunately, their effort was wasted. I wonder how the builders felt. They must be feeling damn down and sad I suppose. Its been hard on them.They failed because of the final challenge mainly when a bridge had to be made over a revolving hammer. The participants of this challenge failed and subsequently as a result, the rainbow area failed to fall. However, it was revealed that even if this area had fallen, the 2006 record would not have been broken even though it contained over 400,000 stones.

Hope this incident will boost their moral and help in the next Domino Day. Hope the team will be able to realise their dream of breaking new world records every year. God bless.

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