Thursday, June 05, 2008

Malaysia's petrol hike. More Burden to the people.

As an observer, I notice that the vehicles on the road yesterday was very crowded especially at the petrol station. Actually I was one of the last to caught the information about the sudden hike in petrol price. Subsidization of the petrol price has been cancelled and Malaysia's petrol price will be discussed every month in the parliament. So this means petrol price will be increasing further due to the chaos situation which arise all around the world.

When this announcement were announce in the evening yesterday, almost all car users and truck driver were rampaging to the petrol station all around Malaysia. They were all rushing to pump up their fuel tanks before measure took effect in the midnight.

Petrol price was raised by RM0.78 from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70. Where as diesel price hike to RM 2.58 from RM 1.58. Price increment of this necessity has increase burden of the people especially the poor as the price of all necessities will be hiking further and increase their living cost. With just adequate salary monthly, they were forced to pay extras everything which were necessary while salaries does not increase.

The government also said they will still subsidize the petrol price with 0.30 cents per liter. E.g. If the petrol price are RM 3.00 per litre then we will be bearing RM 2.70 per litre etc.

Now, public transportation are all discussing on the increment of the fare to reduce their loss as all the public transport are enduring the hike by their own. As heard, the increment will be 100%.

In my opinion, we can't force to undo what has already happen. The only thing that we can do right now was to figure out a way to minimize the effect of this trend. Maybe reduction in daily expenses will be sufficient to reduce the impact of this event but special measures should be made so that we will not be suffering further.

Disastrous has been happening and bad news were announces to the people everyday but we can only sit and wait to see what we should be doing and where we will be going afterward. This is all we can't expect. (T.T)

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