Monday, July 28, 2008

Moderation of the day > Tough resolution.

Today, I had gone for the emcee interviewing for the 'Tanglung Festival". I have no idea what to do for the interview and frankly said, I'm blank. Having no idea what to answer when the interviewer ask. I think I was using an indirect ways of my uneasiness. If not mistaken, I was using like having jokes during the interview.

Initially, they ask me to give an self-introduction for 2 minutes then ask me a series of questions. After, they ask me to self-intro again but the only different is that I have to intro using Malay.

Then they also ask me what to do IF there is a black out happen... What should I do when this situation happens? I was like...urgh....What question is this? I have no answer for it...

After some moment, yes, some... I just simply give my answer to them.

Don't know what will happen next...


Hope I won't get chosen for this emcee things as I hate to organize these big event and won't ever take part seriously in the organizing stuff.

Then after the interviewing session, I walk to the bus-stand nearby and talk to my friends there as they were also one of the participants for the interviews. As expected, none of us answer the question seriously. We all are using the same ways in the interview session.

The ways of de stress and like hoping for not being chosen for the event emcee.

So it's now depend on luck whether I will be chosen or not as IF really get chosen, then I would be extremely super duper busy. Have to spare extra time for the training session which often held in the night time which was unfair to us who stay so far away from the destination cause there is another problem that we have to face. The problem of transportation as there will be no more public buses after 10:30 pm.

I think I have to be more relax for today as I was so stress through out the day or else I might be suffering from mental problems.....

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