Tuesday, August 12, 2008

faculty night- Before to after

The past whole week was quite tiring as I have to rush here and there for all my activities especially for the rehearsal for the sketch that we all have to perform in our faculty night which held on the 8th of August 2008 (The same day as the opening of the Beijing Olympic Game). I was so sick as I was sick during that duration of time plus always back to my room in the midnight and was forced to bath make my condition worse.

But then, I still have to participate in the acts as there is insufficiency of actors for our sketch. Even the emcee that night has to participate in the act but at last we had performed the show with our great effort. Actually the act was quite hilarious and clumsy as we done less preparation and last minute rehearsal.

Due to time clashing, we doesn’t even have time for full rehearsal and most of them was like doesn’t seem to have the heart to follow on the acts. This makes my friend (the director) and I quite exhausted as we have to do extra task so we can done with the preparation in time.


On that day, we were having our last rehearsal in the morning with rush. We tried to practice as much time as possible so we can perform well in the night. We all have also done a breakthrough as we had skipped a class in the afternoon to prepare and dolls ourselves so we look the best on the night…

As seem, quite less people there was ACTUALLY dress and doll themselves to the fullest as they just match their cloth with their hairstyle and never bother to care about the rest of the parts that are also as important as cloth and hairstyle. In fact, some did really do an effort in BEAUTIFYING themselves (including me; p).

While waiting at the bus-stand for the bus to our night destination, some of us have actually took a junk of picture of ourselves but unfortunately none of them are with me for this moment. We were as fanatic as we take picture all along our journey and all along the night too… It was a fun night but with some bored element filled in. I ate quite a lot in the hotel as the food there was really delicious (even not as delicious as I have eaten a long time before). When the emcee announce that the presentation is starting, most of us down here felt a kind of nervousness as we knew we were going to perform on the tight and tiny small stage. Actually we never knew the stage was so small and tiny cause we all expected that the stage to be quite broad and big. All of our efforts seem to be shrinking in size as we all have to perform in the ever small stage.

The crucial moment has come, it’s time for our group to present. We were so nervous and all of a sudden we were like blank…OMG… totally blank as we don’t know what to do for the show. So scary that my palm was so cold and heart thumping terribly fast…Finally I am on the stage for the performance. My role in the acts was quite minor as I’m the seven dwarfs who dance all along the acts.

Quite hilarious though, we have performed ‘Tai Ji Quan’ in the acts and the ‘Thousand hand Buddha’ too. While we were performing, seniors down there were laughing as loudly as they have never expected this to happen. It was quite good as we have already tried our best. Even though we lost in the game but in the real world, there is still nothing to lose. Everything just went back to normal on the following day. After the night, all of us are waiting for the night photo to be uploaded to the web so we were asking all day long for the cameraman for those precious pictures.

After that night, all of us seem tired but there are still many things awaiting. There’s still Convocation and some CCA activities that we have to attend. So there was no time to lack but struggle to done all those things even when felt lethargy. It has been a long time since I first tired myself out due to school work. This time, I was really expecting this to be happening as I have some premonitions on this issue. Tired body and weak health make me suffers more during the past few day.

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