Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simplicity of Incomplexity

Yesterday was a busy yet happy day as we~ "Exhibition Unit of Lantern Festival" has went to quite some number of places.

Initially, I was forced to attend my marching training session which was compulsory and tiring. I has march for almost two and a half hours under the ever-blazing sun. Miraculously, I escape from fainting again even though that I was lack of sleep the previous day. For me, this is really something to be proud with as the frequency of fainting during the marching training is quite high. Bout' 7 out of 10 times of Marching session I will be fainting in the squad. What to blame? I have no idea also...Maybe I was having quite weak constitution than the other and this make me felt like my blood is clotting in my vein and I will started to experience the sensation of 'Shock' which is quite abnormal in my case. I can't feel my limbs as there is no heat released from my limbs while all I can felt is my heart thumping sound which is getting louder as I was weaker. My vision will then become blurred and finally become so weak to stand (about to fall). However, I have only fainted once in my life-time as most of my fainting was saved in time and I was able to regain conciousness from semi-unconsciousness. Still remember when I was first fainted in school (elementary school), I was so scared and panic. Although I was never shed any tears when I was regaining my conciousness but after I reach home, the first thing to do was sleep on the sofa in the main hall. While I was resting there, tears start to roll down my face till I fall asleep. Then, as things become more frequent and had get used to the matter, I don't shed a single drop of tears anymore for the fainting incident. Recalling back, I was actually quite foolish as I thought I was going to die or contracted with some sort of illness that make me collapse (faint). Maybe mostly people will also think the similar ways if this was the first time to be encountered with the incident.

After my marching training session at "Wisma Aman", my fort was in used again. I walk to the Pusanika to have my breakfast. While queuing for the payment, I accidentally upset the porridge on my hand and the porridge spilled and the girl in front of me got splashed by the spilled porridge which was still hot. I have no idea of how this is happening as my body and soul were like suddenly split away and recombined for a few seconds. I felt so sorry and apologetic to that girl. Luckily she is fine or else I would sure feel bad for several days.

Now its about the the trips of Exhibition Units. We went to the Chinese "Tian Hou Gong" which was near to the Midvalley and having some fun there. Praying and photo taking in the renounce temple was quite fun. With only 7 people for the trips, we actually done a lot of things and have a lot fun there. I have been to that temple a several years back then but in different location. The temple here was more enormous and nice decorated. The view there was so beautiful and scenary as its has become a well known attractions to the tourist.

After, we took "some" picture and embarked to the Midvally City Shopping Centre which is near to the temple. After wander in the shopping centre for nearly quarter hour, we finally decided to fill our stomach at the Vietnamese restaurant. Frankly said, the food there serve quite slowly but still we done with our eating with clean plates and bowls. The food there was quite large in portions but delicious. We chat about a lot of things there too and we are the noisiest group there [we are the only group who chat there~ no customer (>.<) ].

I never expected that we to be so crazy as to travel for a known distances just to watch a movie. We went to the Jusco at Cheras Perdana and purchase the tickets for the movie "Meet Dave". This comedian was starred by Eddie Murphy and it was so funny till my senior laugh so crazily and she laugh the loudest among us and also between all the viewer in the theatre. We have done the right decision to watch this show as this show wasn't boring at all but in fact it is funny and educating. The comedian was really so funny with such awesome acting skill make the show more vividly connective to the reality.

The day finally end as we all set back to our own hostels. Then I was so tired but still I went downstairs to the cafeteria and try do done all my unfinished homework till midnight. Done my homework till very late and thus I was so tiring but still can't fall asleep even when I was tired. Maybe I have get used to this lifestyle

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