Saturday, October 04, 2008

Real??? Fake???

In the world of reality, everything is a fake. A relationship is as seen as just a pawn to a better life. Sometimes, people make use of the relationship to gain wealth and glamour. When a person fall in love, everything except for his/her lover becomes invisible or unseen. As this is a vital weakness for most of the lovers, the 'faker' tends to make use of this to get his/her prey. Some tactic was used in the game to enhance the preying action. When the 'prey' fall into the pits set by the 'hunter', everything happens in light speed. Sometime,  the 'hunter' begin with weak and innocent appearance. Then when everything going smooth, they will change from a weak and innocent person to a crafty and wicked person. This is called unscrupulous method.

For what desire, getting it is what matter. No matter what method used, the ultimate result is the only thing that seem. How to approach to the matter is important but nowadays, nobody cares. People only cares about the result. The method can then be brag no matter truth or false when success. This means less people actually cares about what really happen. The only thing we know is how to get the method from the result but not the other way round. The true meaning of living is like this. There are politics all over the world. Et cetera, human politics, body politics and relationship politics. 

There is fact that we can't deny, human live in the fake world for the real things. What fake is real and what real is fake. Bizarre huh? That's what so call world. There is no absolute reality and fakes in the world. Understanding the world is harder than thinking of it as its way too complicated to be understand. True meaning is hard to be seek and sometimes unseen. Why is this going on? People tend to mask their evil doing with a complicated but easy ways. The masking skills are so superb that almost everybody are convinced by the masking and no questions is asked. When the unasked question remain unasked, the masking will become truth and the fakes will be gone and be replaced by the good where the fake is just underneath the truth.

Don't ask me why I wrote this all. I have no idea myself. Maybe this s what called sparks that make me think of this weird and bizarre things.  Releasing stress in words that I also don't understand seem to work as I really felt a sense of relieve after the venting in term of words.

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