Saturday, November 29, 2008

#Benjamin# Dreamy Tales

From now on, I will be posting even my dreams' scene here as I got very little dreams throughout my life. My dreams was always so short that I couldn't even remember that I was having dreams when I was asleep. Everybody dreams but the duration of each dreams were so much different. For me, maybe just a minute scene was played in my dreams and the shortness of the scene makes me forget on what I dreamt of. Sometimes, I would think that those who dreams often was so fortunate as they still be able to remember the dreams they dreamt of. In most case, dreams are special. So special until even science can't explain. I can dream of what going to happen soon and that is what I can be able to dreamt of and remember till now. It can either be real or fiction depending on what kind of dream. Well for me, most of my dream came out to be happening my real life. It was like me having premonition powers which allow me to take a peek to the future without be able to change the ending.

Things turn out to be more differently recently as I will be dreaming of all the f**king idiot stuff that I hate a lot. I sure will not be real and won't even be happening in the reality world. Just earlier this morning, I was dreaming of some bunch of my friends and me together in a classroom somewhere in the ULU region. There are no one in the room, just some of my friends and me. We were actually setting up karaoke in front of the room with two TVs. Closing the doors and windows but people can still see in as the windows were not intact. Students started to walk pass the corridor of the room and we still sing all the song available. Then, suddenly a bunch of student came in and watching us sang our songs. A moment later, two little girls came in and ask for them to sing. My friends agreed and only three songs were allow to sing then. All three were chinese classic oldies. Even me not sure of the name of the songs. However, the little girl sang so tremendously and the whole class of student "audience" applause. 

I have no idea then but I was at the back of the room sitting on a table by the windows. Opposite me was a girl who has bandages on  her neck and a opening with a plastic like tube on it near her throat who was sitting by the door. She took out her inhaler and sprayed through the plastic-like tube and out of a sudden, my asthma act up. Well, in real life, I do not has asthma problem but has some respiratory problem where my oesophagus is infected easily. Surprise in the dream, I found an inhaler in my bags (pop up from no where) and quickly sprayed in my mouth. Felt so terrible when sprayed in. Yuck...

I can still remember how it felt when I woke up this morning. Hope this won't come true. Hopefully this was just a brains data management that derive hallucination data which will never be as real as what I had before. Actually this sort of dreams does make me felt more refreshing when awake. I had this kind of dreams before and usually when I overslept. After I sleep for more than 8 hours I suppose, I might just as well develop this kind of idiot dream.

Premonition dreams become more less and less but most of it has already be in the reality just right before my eyes. Last time, I even dreamt of a SHINIGAMI or Death God was chasing me and in was in the night time. The me in the dream was an older me who was running so spontaneously around the city of an Anonymous City. So this means maybe I will pass away when I was that "age" and it was night time though. 

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