Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living for a reason

As animal do, human also struggle to live a better life. Live with a true 'hope' everyday and sincerely pray for be able to live for another day. The censure of responsibilities is what people tends to avoid but there are also some who will bear the responsibilities alone to ensure the best of life. Remembering the very best moment in life? Most often the sweet moment is unforgettable but the bitter moment is what people will not forget.  The agony, the sorrow, the pain, the suffering... Does anybody really cares? The answer is no as everyone are suffering from this. It just depend on how they cope with the matter and how effective with their coping. A talented human will be able to supress with the agony in a short and effective ways. While another group will be having trouble doing so as they are losing their ways or path on the journey to succumb the pain. They are always the one who does extremely react to a small matter in life even though with guidance from friends and families. Ending their life suppose should be their last resort in surviving.


There should be a reason for everyone to stay alive as long as possible. From the moment we breath without using placenta, we are all bearing a reason to begin our journey. There is one and only reason which are very specific and are common in about every few percentiles. If there is no reason to stay alive, then why is there a reason for being born? High demand on useless stuff will only bring to harm not glory or luxurious. 

That is why we all are living with a reason. A reason that we are searching for and the answer awaiting in front. However, the route towards the ultimate reason is tough and might easily lost. Not everyone can be able to found their true path...

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