Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A new age has come

My psycho illness is getting more and more serious. What have I done?

Recently, I become so additively in study in late night and the more I study, the more energetics am I. Just what exactly happening here? In the past, I would just collapse just between few minutes after I start reading and studying. This kind of drives has never been occurring to me before. So, this is the first and hopefully not last of me. Relaxing for a few days as the exam earlier on might just be as simple as a piece of cake but shouldn't take it easy though. Will power in try to achieving high score and dream to be get first class Honor degree seem to be waving at me and might just be the borderline for my studies. Struggle to get into first class was fun and entertaining though if thou compare with the barely passed result.

Although it was a miracle to get into a local varsity with such a low score, I vow to make a different. It's time to change... I vow to become better and better time to time. Setting a higher goal for myself to achieve all time round make my life more substantial. Bewildering thought are not tangling around me anymore. I got more goal to set and achieve soon and maybe just today I have set two goal as in getting distinction in my english paper as I knew this was one of the paper that I can easily score. Hopefully my effort will not gone to waste. The better me, the crazy me... decision is to be made and I would gladly chose to be one of them with my goal result.

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