Thursday, February 05, 2009

Frustrating moment

Gosh...My good intention suddenly become a very bad idea. Damn... Suppose we should have share some points on the small group discussion's question we got but in the end it suddenly become a very bad idea and receive a lot of negative feedback. Feeling really grouse and unhappy. Why is this happening again and again?

I just want people to pool in some points so that we will be more easier on the evaluation but it ended up with a discussion and elaboration. I don't need discussion before the evaluation you know? Why mess up the whole thing and I become like a fool instead of you? Who do you think you are? Why always wanted to ruin my plan? Why act nobel again? You are not that nobel and great!!! So what being a class monitor? You are not lecturer so don't act like one!!! In addition, WE DID NOT BOYCOTT YOU... Don't ever act to be so pity and say we actually boycott you. It was you who BOYCOTT us okay... DON'T ever let me heard from others that you say we are boycotting you again or else I will surely burst and fall out with you. TRY ME...

Why you have to resort to this? Sincerely, have you ever treat US ALL as friends? Or you just wanted to make use of us and now we are useless and treating us like thrash? Please la... don't act like a child anymore. YOU ARE NOT A CHILD EITHER. If there is still nothing change in you, be prepare to bear all the consequences. We will surely boycotting you as what you wish for.

Damn Shitting...

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