Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ScRaMbLiNg mOmEnT!!!

A moment to think what happen till yesterday. My life is in total mess as I was doing all the last minute work every now and then. My this attitude has made me live in a total agony state as I have to rush my work till midnight and got to wake an early morning for a new day. Things has never change as it repeated itself everyday without fail. As if the history repeating right in front of my eyes every moment. The intense feeling of hatred and loneliness were unbearable. I hate my job handling attitude as I has never change. I am still the old me who are still a lazy bum bum right till this moment. Maybe the chinese proverb were right ~ leopard never change it's spot. No matter how hardworking and diligent you try, the real self will still be there, still. It was like the evolution. The rDNA will not change much as the organism evolves. This really apply on human too. As people tend to be changing their appearance but the inner side would still remains the same. Just, influences does affect the result, nothing much matter as heart is the one which control. Oops, to be specific, the emotion and feeling together with the main ingredient, own attitude. Chatting especially would be the best experiment on how to bring out attitude without control. Unless, the one who were in the conversation happens to be a machine or metal like human.

Decision are hard to make especially when it comes to the final moment, when nothing is more important than getting the job done. The gauze of anxiousness and fear overwhelming and this resulting in the change in one basic properties~ emotions. One started to feel uneasy and minds were floating away from the real body. The job would take forever to done as this would only increase the errors percentage.

Should I reduced to be a garbage in the near future by having this kind of attitude? If then, I might as well be death by now. There are so many unexpected in life but the most important moment is the one which everyone scared of~ the final moment. Final moment does change one perspective towards everything around us. Nobody is common as the uniqueness of a person does not depend on ability and wealth and even family background. The uniqueness depending only with one perspective. Human mind is great but getting rusty. Without perspective, there will not be having any country, too.

I have lost once but now might be the time for me to recollecting back my memories and my attributes. Perspective will come to me again and will surely shines one day.


jayne said...

try ur best k? hee i'm sure u can cope as ur benjamin wad.

u noe everything n nothing can defeat u de :)

believe urself n strive for the best ^^

Benjamin said...

Dun praise me lar... later fly o...
But things really overloaded and i'm sure to need time to cope with it.

Thanks anyway.

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