Monday, April 13, 2009


Finally it's time for me to face the challenge again. The final exam will start next week but I still idling around playing games and waste my time doing all those useless stuff. Frankly said, I have started to lose myself. I lost my aims in study and learning. All I wanted to do now is paying and enjoying all day long. All this while, I have been torturing my fragile body as I am going to fall sick again but this still doesn't wake me up. I am a total failure in personal management but should still be okay with my socialistic management.

Anyway, I should be studying more harder now to amend on what I have not done. So, I might just changed into a studying machine but this surely won't be happening to me. However, I have to catch back the feeling of studying and enjoying books and words.

So dear friends, WISH ME LUCK for my final...

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