Thursday, December 10, 2009

Koishite Akuma

Have you ever wonder the ability of memories in affecting your total life? Sometime a simple word or action may just change the whole life entirely.

This is what I got from the series "Vampire Boy" (Koishite Akuma) ~ a Japanese Series about a 16 years old boy who was turned into a vampire. The series offset from 10 years after the dead of the lead actor (who apparently to be a vampire now).

Actually this is a quite touching story as the boy is actually once human and was arrived on Earth to fulfill a mission which is sucks on the blood of a girl who love him. However the boy doesn't even wanted to suck blood at all. In the end he turned into dusts and vanish. The only person he can drink blood from is his first love (who currently as an English Language teacher in the show).

Ok~ Lets talk about what I say earlier. The guy gave faith to the girl 10 years ago and this was like a boost for her. She wanted to be an English Language Teacher but she lacks in confident. The guy did say something and his words that makes her fulfill her dream. While the guy is trying hard to fulfill his mission, he don't even once success in sucking blood from her. He pulled out everytime he have the chances to suck her blood. The plot goes on and she found out that he is actually her first love who die 10 years ago while trying to save someone who was about to drown.

The show also demonstrate the evil of human beings ourself as we will do whatever necessary to attain a goal. When people know he is a monster(vampire), people trying to keep him away and wanted to destroy him. He is staying in an eatery which sell fried dumpling. The shop owner is a grampa with her daughter-in-law and his grandson. The appearance of the vampire does change their life. They become more cheerful after his arrival. In the end of the story when people knows about the truth, they dashes into the shop wanting to chase him out and I kinda love what the grampa said~ "We are neighbour for so many years and I have no idea that I will be hate by neighbour one day. I am now one of you as we are just the same as a monster. He may be a monster but he has a kind heart and doesn't hurt people but look at you all, we are more like a monster now. He doesn't even lie... Yea... there is once! He actually said my dumpling is delicious while I knew that he don't even like it at all... *sobbing*".

Hmm... that is what he said but not entirely. They actually knew he is a monster but they still like him and treat him like their own. Then a scene in the school that the whole school knew about the truth that he is a vampire and all the student were pressing on Makoto, the English Language Teacher (First love of the Vampire). He appear out of no where and help her out in explaining the whole situation. Then, all the students there stun and the vice director of the school actually say "What are you guys doing? He is a monster and you all are letting him off?". His dialogs has proved once again that monster doesn't neccessarry be evil but human who as the evil root. The moment they knew he is a monster, people hate him and wanted to destroy him while he done nothing wrong. I still remember somebody say this ~"He is a monster! No matter he is kind or evil, the fact is he is a monster!!! I will destroy him no matter what!".

WOW!!! Now this is classic! Can you all imagine how evil a human being can be? Well is up to you all to decide then.

I personally will encourage all of you to try watch the series as it is quite meaningful and touching. Don't worry about the length as its only 10 episodes. Have fun watching it.

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