Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ever since becoming  member of the board, I have been facing transportation problems. In my residential college, there is another one who was also like me. She is also facing the same problem. Sometimes, we do not go for meeting not because of don't want but not able to. As the meeting times is at night, and sometimes on weekend, there is no bus to go to the meeting destination at all. We can either ask for helps or just stay in room doing our own works. Life is tough and there will always be some one who thinks that we neglect our job or say something bad, what happened is happened. There is no way we can change the past. What we can do is to maintain in our own path and do our best for the very best. 

I think, I will be missing most of the meetings due to transportation problems and also some clashing issues.
Hope you guys will understand our problems as we both do not even own our own transportation.

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