Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Sunday and Monday, the consecutive dinners is finally over. First is the faculty dinner. A dinner which celebrates for seniors who are going to grads soon. Also this dinner meant something more meaningful, its a farewell dinner for some lecturer as they are going to retired real soon. Although we just pay 10 bucks but the food is really worth more than that. There are chicken, fish, meat, currypuff, cracker, and acar for us to eat. The style of serving of the day is in buffet style and I'm quite lucky to be in the early of the line.If I am slower, there will be left with none fork and spoon for me and I have to eat with hand. Anyhow, I also have get used with hand eating. hahha

Although the program start late but somehow they did manage to make end in time. This is the first dinner event that I attend which can end in punctual. Thanks for the dinner also, I got to take a lot of fabulous pictures with my lecturers and somehow they did recognize my face. How I hope that I will be shortlisted by Dato' Noor Embi as he is really enthusiasm and I kinda like his topic. 

Then I went to 37th convocation fair's dinner which theme Masquerade Prom. I was one of the committee and I wish to take the opportunity here to apologize to everyone on behalf of the committee for this dinner. Never expect that we have done something like this. Even though for most, this is quite a success but for us who had been organizing activities and programs knew that somehow there is something wrong with it. The dullness and the service is really below standards. As what they say, we really did not give complete commitment for this event and hence causing the clumsiness and awkwardness atmosphere.

The service of the hotel is kinda sucks and this has really cause shame on us. In preparations, question marks were surrounding us and there are some big question marks that most of us carried. Sometimes we don't even know what has happen and the progression of the event. Sometimes there are jobs done which were not shown but  they did not get any credits for it while getting blame for some fault. Every one knew that there are something that if we do not approach, we will never know what has happens and how its happens but still layers per layers of anger flocking, mist of anger surrounding has made us lost the sense of logic and rationality. Indeed, there are sometimes we really did felt a purge of anger that gonna burst out but held on. After two event held, I started to see through the peoples as they just pretend to do nothing while that is their job. I wonder if they still continue with this kind of attitude, what will going to happens during the actual event were held? Somehow, I am really afraid that we crash the program entirely as this is really what we are doing right now. Hope we will do a good job!

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