Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yesterday to Today (le 13 Avril)

Today is the first day of my examination day. The morning I woke up, I saw friends posted "No WATER!" and I knew this is gonna be bad. Then, soon after my roommate return after searching for water to bath, my slipper was gone by one SIDE! I am definite there are some perverts around and I still a stubborn fella who left my slippers outside of my room. Not just mine, but most of those who left their slippers at the corridor found themselves, missing by 1 side too. Later, I found back my slipper again. Damn shitty as this is the forth time my slipper got stolen if not mistaken. The first and second times, I found back as it was arranged nicely in front of SOMEBODY's room. Then the third time is in the DUSTBIN. DAMN. F***!!! Well, this time is very different. Can guess?

I found my slipper while I'm on the way for my brunch. All the stolen slippers were placed at a corner to the first floor. This is so damn and LAMN!!! Why is there peoples who are such IDIOTIC boring and did such CHILDISH stuff?

I really have to admit that I am not able to follow the trend and catch up with the time. Times flew and I am one of the later person to found out the whole situation. The situation to no salvation. A lonely single soul is about to fall into desperation and sadness again. I can't say much here but there is certain something going on. As heard, things doesn't goes as what plan and she is in very close term with hers. This is a very bad news for him but is hard to speak out. The sadness would surely filled the whole room again. The affairs of courtship is really very difficult to figure out. There is no difference in gender or intelligent when comes to relationship. Even the smartest guy will fall prey.

Also, I would like to wish everyone HAPPY BLACK VALENTINE! Lets celebrate our singledom together!!! hehe

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