Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FED UP!!!!!!!

Have been here for almost a month with the family of convocation carnival. We did share joy together but now thing has change. Off limit is being detected and is getting worst. Also, due to some unknown reason, the respect is gone among us. Why is all these happening? I have been bottled up this matter since the beginning and this is making me so fed up that I almost scold them regarding this. However, I do need to remain my cool or else things will go from bad to worst and till there is no salvation to the whole situation.

All these is related to one's behaviors. Can see that some have good personality and does respect others but they were being forced by rudeness and changed their personality. While, some were such ignorant to interfere others job. Well, what can I say? I am getting more and more lazy to SPEAK anymore and if this matter goes worst, I will also leave and I hold on my word.

Can they be more sensible to just hold on to their own JOBS FIELD? If wanna interfere into others job field, then why do we need to be here? PLEASE be clear that there are boundaries not to be crossed and if wanna cross, permission is required. I can't condemn much on this matter any further and IF YOU WANNA CROSS THE BOUNDARIES, please ask before act!

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