Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saint Valentine+Post Valentine

It's been some times.
It was my busiest week ever.

On Saint Valentine, I had my biology molecule mid semester exam. It was a tough exam as I can never memorized and apply the knowledge on all the question given. In the end, I left a question blank as I really can't figure out what the answer for it. Same moment, I saw the girl beside me wrote a page full of answer even though it was a 5 marks question. After the exam, we went for supper at mamak stall. Chatting a lot on our internship and future road taking. Back to room, I started to have stomach ache. Initially I thought my gastritis acting up again. On the next morning, we went to FRIM at Kepong. We went for breakfast at a dimsum place in Cheras. This time, we ate lesser than what we ate last time. Went to FRIM  and start to explore and found out that most of the place closed as its public holiday. Anyway, its my first experience in FRIM. Under the hot and blazing sun, I stay active and energetic even when I just slept for roughly 4 hours.

The we went to Damansara 1Utama for lunch and some shopping. Ate Carls Jr. once again but this time, I change the fries to Spicy Cheesy Fries. Ate and chat for an hour, refilling few cups of drinks. It was CRAZY!!! Both KS and Lay How was so tired and sleepy after the meal. Then we went to SS2 for dinner (Tong Sui) and return to colleges. 

But for me, the day just start~ As Michelle can't online at room and need to rush her project, we accompany her to "study" until 4 a.m.. Study in air-conditioned room is the best! 

On the next day, I went to Midvalley for movie and Taman Connaught for Night Market. I finally tasted Smelly Fermented Tofu but I was so disappointed with the taste of it. Thanks to See Yuan and Hui Zee for concern on my issue but sorry for not be able to change my mindset after the barrier was built. Anyway, I went study with the same gang in the midnight again. XD

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