Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thesis writing

I seem to be addicted to karaoke lately. Sings almost every weeks but I am not tired of it. LOL
Maybe, this is one of the ways for me to release my tension and built up rapport with friends.

Back to main issue~
For the whole week, I have been concentrating on thesis writing. It's my most focusing week ever. No matter how busy I am, I would still sacrifice some of my sleeping time for thesis writing. However, it is really hard! Found a lot of references but no where to cite on. Sometimes, I know what to write in but is superb hard to search for scientific papers to support the ideas. I do found papers that have important data but my campus's library does not subscript for that paper... =.="
Out of all papers, why that paper does not subscript? Some paper like that was cited in many papers especially seniors. The question comes~ How do they read that paper? Do they ever read the paper before citing it? Maybe no... Today, I found a small but major false in senior's writing. Nobody ever mention about the important feature but instead, they blindly use the data from previous batches without realizing it's wrong?
I got no further comment.

Using 2 hours to write a page is really suffering! Arrrggghhh~

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