Thursday, August 04, 2011

The end of intern life

It has been a very long time since I last update myself here. Time passes very fast as yesterday was my final day as intern. It was nice and wonderful to get in touch with the medical lab environment. In addition, we got a lot of guidance from the staff over there. I'm learning as much as I can in these 3 months period. Believe me, no one can ever stop retrieving knowledge as you might need it some other day in the future. Frankly said, I treats the staff there as friends rather than colleagues. We have fun time together while will get serious when come to work. We chat and share knowledge (I listened rather than share most of the time XD).

We had 2 farewell party here. One by the staffs and one by us as interns. It was havoc as we blind our time during work and took few hundreds of pictures. Anyway, Thanks to all the staffs there for showering us with care and love. Taught us a lot and have fun together whenever there is chance. Really enjoy this journey and from the bottom of my heart, it is my honour for the teaching and advice given.


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