Monday, April 02, 2012

C'est d"Avril!!!

Its April! How was your 1st of April? C'est Poisson d'Avril!!! haha...

Time has passed and I remains the same. Never changed! Just that, I am in another environment to continue my life journey. Life is short so I just wanna make it simple but the cruel fact that everybody have to face is time never stop moving and we have limited time to achieve what we plan to achieve. Hence, would you make yourself clear and step out faster and vigorously?

When life comes with decision to be made, I am in super duper dilemma. There is no why and how I would have dilemma when encountering this situation but I just couldn't made up my mind on this matter ever since young. People do need to made decision out of choices they have and I choose to avoid and ran away. Timid huh?

Please forgive the timid me for being cowardly withdraw again for the "N" times. You know if you know what I am stating right here.

Gracias... Adios!!!

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