Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sentimental age

Have you heard of sentimental age before? The age where teardrops came down easily without realizing over something very minute. Somehow, we do have the moments when we were still a newborn but as we grow up, the environment force us to be strong and tough, hence forgotten the once we had treasure.

For me, I seem to be getting to the sentimental age now as what I remember since young, I never actually cried for most of the touching stories that aired. However in these recent months, I was crying on almost every touching moments in dramas or variety show. Initially I thought I am going crazy but then only realizing that this is the moment where we start to appreciate every single thing in the world so we would not leave the world with much regret. Memories are created in every second of our life but its just up to us to choose the path where we are going to live on. The scenes will be different but the progress would still be the same no matter what scenarios you are going through.

Never belittle the power of tears! So, have you get to the sentimental age now? Share with me if you like to... :)

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