Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thought Of The Final Moment

Doing revision and reading at the last moment is really tough than I thought.

Initially, I have no problem at all when doing revision at the last moment because what I read and revise was already in my brain. All the stuff I study was easy to went in to my brain and being absorbed fast. When I reach the level of pre-university AKA Form 6, everything  started to change. The stuff being study became so detail. I have no choice but to read and revise everyday (even though I was just study for some while and rest for a long period of time before continued) to make sure I was able to memorize everything. Time flies. Now it's time for the real examination. Not even a second is allowed to ease but what I do is slacking.

I wasn't able to require all the knowledge that will be asked in the examination. All the stuff I was reading and revise all these will has gone to waste. The thing I read was unable to went in my mind. So I got no choice but to read back from the beginning of the syllabus. What sad is date of examination of each subject is so close that I was unable to concentrate on one subject. Luckily I was able to found the way to study at the last moment but I was still felling glum as for the past week, the question that placed in front of me was so unfamiliar. What I did is just scribble something on the paper hoping that the stuff I scribble was able to get some score.

Hopefully I would be able to finish reading and revising in the nick of time so that I will not let my parent down.

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