Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Day - schooling life

This is really a day of darkness to me. After struggling for such a few moment, I finally did wrote something in my test paper. All the words seen to be falling. I was so nervous that all the point wasn't be able to come out from my mind. All the thing I remember is 'ionisation energy' and nothing else. I was still brooding about it. After all the effort I put in for the test today, i wastage. I didn't do well in the test today. Felt like letting my teacher down. Maybe just letting myself down. Just hope that I can be able to get the minimum score that i desire.

Finally, it's almost time for me to say goodbye to all my friends and teachers in this school. During the past year and a half, we went through all the tribulations and suffers together. Even laugh and cry together. There is even some friction between us- friends, but no grudge that accumulate that long. The friction seen to be forgotten after a few days time. All thing will back to the initial condition.

I was lucky that there are still some friends would like me to analyst their problem and helping them solving the problem really elate me greatly. Sometime, they also share their feeling with me so that I can help to comfort them. I doesn't felt vexed or annoyed listening to all the stuff they told me. Along with the story that has been told, I was able to grasp some knowledge and ways to handling troublesome stuff. It was a very good experience to me as I not only study in school nut also act as an ears for other to share their thought and troubles and even problems with me. I don't admit that I have been a great help to them but I did put in my effort and crack my mind to solve the problem. Sometime they even lent me their ears so that I can pour all problem to them. This make me felt like they also care a lot about me.

There was some moment that I can't hold on my anger and just shout at other. Till now, I still can't figure out why I was so angry at that moment. I think it was linked to my characteristic and my personal mindset. I can even lose my temper over a minor stuff. It may be due to other criticised bout me or because they were late for some event that I was responsible to fetch them. I don't know. what I can say now is I'm sorry to all my mates. I don't care who you are or did I scold you, but I really thanks for your forgiving. I admit that I was a bit obstinate and autocratic but still I care a lot for my friends. They are always the first one to help me when I'm in trouble. Even though most of my friendship don't last long as lacking of contact but I still felt glad having all of them as my friends and not foes.

I also wanna thanks all my teachers and friends and even my family for helping me all this while. Maybe I don't dare to tell them directly as I was shrinking away when there is a chance but I really wish to thanks them. Thank you... thank you... thank you... Thanks for all the help throughout the years.

Right now, I was felling so anguish and sorry for letting my tutor down. I didn't do well in the exam. I don't think I can be able to obtain the result they expected but I hope that I can be able to pass with a better results.

Hope that all the grudges and vengeance and even the disaster of the year will pass as I can be able to step in to the next year with the people from all around the world even though There's still a month before the year end. I also hope that I can success in all the things that I'm doing then.

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