Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Me, Now, and Future...

Finally, it's the end of my examination. This mark an end on my secondary schooling life. It's also represent the new terminal for my next life target- work and become rich as soon as possible. Even though it is a very good ending for my secondary schooling life but sometimes I felt like the future is more complicated. The tertiary schooling life, the working life, the old life and the new life in the future is all so unfamiliar. No one knows what going to happen in the near future.

Back to the topic. Finishing all the exam today really loaf down my mind. No more suffering to study and memorising for the syllabus but it doesn't mean that I can stop troubling about my future. It's been a long time since I last enjoy myself. This relaxation sensation is so superb and exciting. What I going to do after this is to get a suitable jobs that can strengthen my position in my future life. Maybe I can be a biochemist as I always wanted to be or might just be a businessman but the later is impossible. Studying in this field not really broaden my career opportunity but a minute changes will make everything to change abruptly.

The unpredictable future really make me feel scare. There are some moment that I do not have any confidence to face the future alone. I should be getting a life partner or a trusted companion so that he or she can be able to boost my confidence. Even though the earlier come first than the later but the later is far more important. I might as well get both life companion and partner. It is not impossible but truly it is not easy.

In the vast world, everyone are pursuing for the best and trying all their best so they have no worries in their older time. So I might not be able to trust anyone around me. That's my problem. I have very little faith in friendship and having difficulties in getting best friend. Even when I found a best friend, the 'best' term will not last for a very long time. Everything will only turn into bubble and burst anytime. Most of my friendships till now does not last for a very long time. Eventually, friend is still friend. They will still help me when I am in trouble.

Everything in the world will change but only the kinship and family ties will not change but will become stronger as time pass on. Nobody can denied the power of love from relative. Take me for instance, I love kids very much but at the same time, I would also worry about what going to happen to me when I am the one with children. They might just pester me to death. Anyway, the fond towards children is undeniable. Hope this feeling will not change in the future.

That kind of feeling might even helps in developing my business ties in the near future. What exactly is happening to me? All the thing I can think right now is about my future. Maybe there is nothing else that I can think about. I really care very much for my future. I wanted to change the financial situation inmy family. Even though my family is not a very poor family where my parent can still fulfill the needs of us- their child, but the thing is there is so much thing that we can't do as a family. No time for holiday and private talk. Everything is in an order which will not change even when facing with problems. Life is so short and fragile.

Maybe I will just fall sick in the next minute or becoming a millionaire in the next few second. As I say, nothing in this world is absolute. The earth will still move on it's orbital. The moon will still move aound the earth without a second of stopping. Time will not wait for us. By wasting time doing something meaningless will only decrease the time of full excitement in our entirely life. No matter what happen my destiny in the future will not change. I will still act according to the act and fulfill the requirement and complete my course as a human being. Right now, the negatively thought should be ceased so that I can apply the positively thought in the right ways.

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