Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bad day

It's a terrible day today for me. The moment I woke up from my bed, I had already felt something wrong with me. My lips was so dry like it was going to crack. Afterward, when I was brushing my teeth, some warm liquid were moving slowly in my left nose. I thought it was just some mucus as I was having flu. After brushing my teeth, the worse thing happen. Blood was coming right down from my left nose. As I have learn first aid before, I use the first way to help myself. Not long later, some long and elastic stuff come out from my nose and blood is flowing out so fast. The dripping rate was so fast. At that moment, I thought I was going to die or contracted with some kind of illness.

Standing there and repeatedly use water from the tap to splash the blood running down my nose make me felt weaker. Standing there for around fifteen minute felling so helpless and lonely. Nobody in my families realise I am having nose bleeding. I was washing my nose silently without their notice. A while later, there was a vein like thing slipping out of my nose but still attached to the inner side of it. I an so scare. It was so scaring that I started to ask my dad to send me to doctor as I don't even know what to do and how to solve it. I am feeling so terrible. Rushing my dad to send me to either clinic and hospital. He then decided to send me to the usual clinic I went whenever I was sick.

The doctor told me that maybe I rubbed my nose very hard when sleeping because it's cold. Only then I felt there's still hope for me. I am save. No severe illness or reaching the end of my life. even so, I have to take medicine again. Doctor give medicine for roughly five day but I have to take my final exam on Tuesday. So right now I am still concern about my performance on that day. I scare it might influence my performance. No matter what happen, I still have to sit for that paper. Hoping that the effect of the medicine will not hinder me to perform well.

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hying23 said...

wei~! so gd arh? so fast finish exam jor~~!!!
i still hv to wat till 5th ehh..
sigh...wish me luck ba..
i edi kong in my pa paper..guess wat?!?! i not enough time to finish the graf a~!
so yea... 15 marks fly jor~~ T.T

anf hor...since when ur name become benjamin huh?? wahaha~!

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