Friday, December 21, 2007

Fusion of self and world problems


What is wrong with me today??? Suddenly I felt so damn sleepy today...Wanna sleep even though I have slept for more than 7 hours. Just what wrong? Damn sleepy wo...
I think this has to do with my lifestyle. Recently, I will online till late night as I am working whole day that only night I stayed at home and relax myself. Luckily today I off or else I might just sleepwalking during work~~~haha~~~. Well, it is easy to imagine how I sleepwalking while serving customers and selling product. It is the world most hilarious joke I suppose.

As the season festival is arriving soon, shopping mall started to be more and more crowded. More people go for their last minute shopping and take chances to grap more discounted items or more precisely low price items. Most of the brands in the world has increasing their product price. Higher price but same quality. Although the product price has increase due to the continuous increasing of world oil price but salary remain unchange. This means that we have to spend more on just neccesities and have to save budget for festival.

As the government said, the petrol price will increase once again next year and more worse when they said they will not subsidize anymore after few more years make us more tension. The pressure of paying heavy debt, pressure to substain a family, the pressure to live off with little wages, the pressure of celebrating festival, the pressure to telecommunicate, the pressure of using currents and water and more. By then, more peoples are going to suffer. More poor folks, more elderly without cash in their hand, more death rate everyday and more more more. This tremendously pressure can only be shouldered by rich man. They can still afford to live off in the world.


By the way, the world temperature is increasing continuity. As I had read from an article, after 100 years, only roughly 10 percent of world population that can still live on. This means most of us or our later generation will just die. Mostly can't withstand the hot temperature with lacking of clean water supply. As I heard a several years ago, after 50 years, clean water supply only available in Mexico and to make thing worse, there is only a limited supply of mater available. This means there will be no clean water on the earth surface as the clean water supply depleted.

As a chain reaction of global warming effect too, the weather change dramatically. It will be hot for some time without any sign of raining but then it rains abruptly and continuously. The rain cloud seen to be gather in some areas causing flood and decreasing the areas of an island. This is worse as there will be no lands for us human to live. I might have written it worse but it is true after a few more years. More island is missing or drown in the sea. The sea coverage is getting higher and decreasing the shore line areas. If we do not slow down the global warming as soon as possible, I don'tthink that we allcan survive this tribulations. All of us will die. By then, human species will extinct like the dinasours do a few millions years before us. This scene has also been demostrate in the movie Artificial Intelligence(A.I) produce by Steven Spielberg. David who was a robot who life through the extinction of human species was awaken from the new ice age and "dry age". In the movie, aliens comes to earth and wants to recreate human species with high and advance technologies. Sadly, the cells of human species has been destroyed due to the dramatically change in temperature.

So, maybe one day, the earth will also be in that condition. That no one will survive and eventually new species will be created and substitute us human and live for the other few millions of years. By then, we human will just be a fosil and being displayed in their "museum". Insects who was also the withness of the mass species extinction will once again withness it again. Perhaps after a few hundred years or so on. I don't know when but I have a bad premonition that it will soon happen. It just a matter of time. Sooner or later we will extince of perhaps evolve to a new form of life. A form of living indivudual who does not need to drink and eat. Absorbing the germs in the airs will be enough to substain it's life (just imagining).

So how are we going to slow down global warming? Searching for a new and suitable planet that can only be reached by the rich or just wait and die? We should help the earth not destroy it. So if YOU want to help out, please go and find out the ways to save the earth and human civilization. Then let me know and I personally will help to spread the ways to everyone I know.

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