Monday, December 24, 2007

Personal views

Oh my...Today is a very busy day...
Standing continuously for at least 5 hours before I get to sit down. What a terrible day for me and my stomach. As i got minor digestive problem, irregular eating time make me felt sick and restless too. Getting dizzy and confuse all day long. Especially during afternoon period, the loud bang music make me more worse~ have to shout to customer so they can heard what I say. They also have to do the same too--haha. The long time shouting make my throat feel hurts. Now still can feel the past effect of the long shouting period. Getting more clumsy today too. Aiks...I also don't know what have I done all day long. Luckily, I have done no serious mistake.
Right now, all I can think of was how I manage to survive without dinner for some times.That few hour make me felt weaker and weaker. I can't be able to think and see well. That make me make more mistake~mostly minor. My leg also hurts a lot due to long time standing. Feeling damn tired but also glad to see a lot of my long time friends.

2 day pass, I have gone to attend June Birthday celebration at a steamboat shop. Initially, we thought the food there was too little and all our moods was gone. Then only we found out that we were the one who didn't realise that there are also seafood at the other end. What a crap. We found out after more than an hour there. That was also our reunion as we all have not meet for some time. It was also a very funny and entertainment night. Laughing and chatting make us felt like travels back to time. Time really pass fast. Soon, it's the end of the night. Everything is back to normal again.

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