Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mood of new me

Listening to all the song that recommended by my friends make felt a kind of warm blood running in my vein. The song was so meaningful and so soothing. Furthermore, most of the song was my favourite when I was young. Haha...(most of the song was the songs in Disney movie). Some of the new song nowadays were also full of meaning. The beautiful combination of rhythm and lyric with the vocal of the singer was mesmerising. Actually, the only thing I like in songs was the meaning and the genre of it.

Even though the song was very meaningful, I still don't feel good when listen to it. The hidden meaning in each song was so symbolic and can were able to unite every feeling together. Especially the feeling of despair and sorrows. The glumness and blues was so strong in the song which can make someone run down tears but not for me.

The emptiness of love, the loneliness, the glumness, the craziness and more was like a time bomb in me. I can't control when this bomb will explode and I can't accept the fact that I were only a tools for most for my friends where they will only come to me when they were in trouble and shun me away when they were free of trouble. The betrayal of trusted friends make me felt like I was so lonely and being abandoned in the world. The feeling of dejected will never be known by other except for them who has also undergo this situation.

Now, working is my life. It can let me socialize with people so that I can have a cheerful life. As if my time for the dejected feeling was swallowed when I was socializing with other. No more time for feeling blues or recall back the bad momories.

My colleague was also very funny and hilarious kind. They will crack joke whenever there is no customers but serious when working. My life won't be that boring anymore(as for the time being).

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小雯雯 said...

b the 1st one post comment to u...
u work at terbau jusco rite...
tat day saw u...:D

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