Thursday, January 10, 2008


These picture will illustrate the crowd on 8th of January 2008 at my working place. This is true, empty...Yes, it is empty. I have no idea why is this happening. I was empty for some several hours before I started to see some 'human' (other than the one who work here) walk pass my shop. Why is this so? Is it due to the continuous raining since morning or most of the people wanted to take longer rest start from today to Friday as Thursday is a public holiday. This means they can rest for as much as five days long. So maybe due to this, they were forced to work on Tuesday before they start to have a longer rest.

Sales for that day was very poor. Thanks to Miss CC, we manage to maintain our average daily sales. Boss will surely ranting on us as the sales of the day break the company's lowest daily sales record. Even though our boss didn't scold us, his wife cum our store manager was still unhappy for the sales records.

As there were less customer, time pass really slow. Normally we will not realise that it was time to knock off but that day, we struggle a lot before we knock off. What a tragic. We have to do a lot of thing and waste a lot of energy and time before it's time for us to go home. Haiz...

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