Monday, May 19, 2008


The world has change. Maybe it is not the world who change but human do change the earth weather. Earth weather has change dramatically over the past few years. This has caused global warming which has came with a lot of other residue problem. The drastic changes of the weather has brought to the change of the wind direction and caused a lot of tragedies. Drought and flood in some certain areas were caused by the ever changing weather. Recently, natural disaster has been occurring very often. The cyclone in Myanmar and earthquake in Sichuan (China) which has caused massive death rate. Even though the death rate is high but there are a very much difference between both disaster area in term of rescue mission.

In China, the earthquake was one of the strongest over the past 30 years. A moment, death toll has reach about 32500 people and estimate to increase easily to 50000 people. With speculation that the death toll could easily pass 50,000 people, rescue workers are frantically digging for any remaining survivors. The success rate in pulling people out of the rubble is becoming less and less, but the massive operation continues. Sad although but this is life. live and death are predestined. No one can be able to change the fact.

Luckily, people from all around the world are willing to help out in this massive operation. Generous donation coming from all around the world and those in China are also very diligent in rescuing while they can. Those who live far are also help in donating blood to the general hospital to ease the problem of insufficient blood in blood vault. Everybody has done their very best in the rescue. This is also the moment that no personal grudge will involve.

Same for us, we are considered quite lucky as we are living in country which is free from earthquake. We are lucky as we are still able to wake up in this morning and can be able to communicate with our closest kin. Waking up in a brand new morning was indeed fortunate. For those who aren't be able to breath or will never open their eyes to enjoy life I sent you my condolences.

Some will think that to live is to suffer and I doubt that. As we live, we are able to help those unfortunate. As this will surely brighten our life everyday. Live is a blessing no matter how tough life are.

My time

Recently, my body are acting weird again. Stuffy chest and gastric most of the time. I knew my time will end soon but certainly not now. Sometime my limbs will suddenly become cold and I will lose some of my senses. This weird thing is happen to me again. Time and time making me feeling unease but actually nobody has ever knew this matter. It might have something to do with my diet and lifestyle. Little did I wonder why my long time cured asthma coming back to me again??? Haiz... it is not the time for me to figure out this problem now. Anyway, this all was still minor problem and hopefully will not cost my life. As I am able to calculate my life-span, I believe I will only gone when I was in my 50s'.

Morever, life is unexpected. Even me can't be able to calculate what will be happening the next second but some normal life prediction sure isn't any problem.

All that I can say was "THANK YOU" to whom that shown me care and love in my past, present and even future.

Human extinction

Through some people, human tribe might extinct in the next 30 years. This might be true though as the atmosphere is getting thinner day by day and global warming is getting worse. In addiction, pollution has also become an issue as there will be very less clean water for human usage. So please help to extent human life span together.

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