Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfection thesis (Own conclusion)

Posting an opinion is far more easy than posting an article. To post an opinion, all that need is just a raw idea. No matter what content it has, the only thing that people read was just the simplest idea. With various of category available and topic provided, a simple opinion is created.

Whereas for an article, the situation would be different. We need a topic for it and all the idea should and have to be inter-connected. An article without a main idea can't be considered as an article.

As for me, I don't write article. I post my feeling and what I thought of in my "essay". Although most of the "essay" contains crappy nonsense but that is what I do. As I believe, nobody is perfect. Perfection contains flaws and flaws bring perfection. So there is no absolute perfection. Everyone is having different mindset and having many branches of deep thought for moments. From the branches of thinking, nobody can be able to read someone thought. Human brains was so mystery as no one can be able to perform a 100% perfection test on Einstein's brain.

Imperfection are perfect for a perfect person to figure out what exactly they need. Perfection would be a trouble for imperfect person to follow and even thinking of it makes nausea.

For imperfect person, perfect means nothing but the urge to be more perfect does exist from their roots. They will be hoping for a perfect life tomorrow but for a perfect person(who doesn't really exist) they hope to become normal again. Everything needs to be perfect and didn't realizing that this has actually becoming their own flaws and started to haunt themselves.

SO, lets be normal. Let the thought of imperfection and perfection stay and we move on.

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