Saturday, July 26, 2008

Empty campus legend.

When I am alone, I will be thinking of having someone by my side.
When I havng somebody by my side, how I wish I will be left alone.

This is the conflict I was facing right now. Being alone itself doesn't means I sublines. I am just sorting things out. When having somebody by my side, I would wish that everything will calm down as soon as possible.

This is a global issue as there is conflict with the thinking of everyone. Yet, no concentual conflicts doesn't means that that particular person is retarted but he is just one of the wise that can sorts out between facts and halluction.

As this is Saturday, most of the people living in the campus has all going back to their home as they live quite near to the school campus. So, the cafeteria of my campus right now look quite empty where normally at this time slot, the cafe would be crowded and we have to shout in order to converse with friends who are just beside us.

It was like a dead town at Pendeta Za'ba now.

The crowd is missing in weekend. Everything here look dull to me...

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