Saturday, July 26, 2008

Psychics power- The faith.

The feeling is back. I have experience Deja Vu again. As normal, I have seen the scene again and again with those similar faces that I have met. Still, I have no idea who they are and why their faces appears in my mind until I met them. As this experience was quite troublesome and I was quite scare while experiencing this incident again and again.

Maybe this is the wonder of human minds that no one has ever explored but why this unnatural things still happen? This is what science can ever explain. Human seem to be having some standard of psychic power. Me too might be one of those who has higher attribute in psychic sensing.

As you all know, some psychics predicted the incident of 911 in New York. Yet, the most unbelievable truth is that guy actually dreamt of it. Like most of the people, he is just a normal human being but his attribute towards psychic sensing is truly incredible.

Not only him, there is still some of the minority that can be able to sense the existence of aura within human body without depending on any device. As human has different level of aura's wideness, most people wouldn't sense the aura. The problem is always due to the aura that exist within most of the people around us is very weak. Just some parts of the aura being exhibit.

Maybe that I am not an expert in this issue, I do not have more detail explanation on this happening. I believe that, supernaturals does exist. Maybe they are using 'their' power in making such an incredible acts that not much has ever done.

Me too sometimes will felt that something is following but as long as I didn't do anything sin then I believe that it will just helping me in some parts of my life. Maybe it's my guardian angel of whatever sorts of creature exist in the world.

False conclusion on what is following me is really sin I believe. Everything I do might directly be pointed to 'it' or so. Just that, whenever I felt lonely, I will be inspired by something and be able to do something in the end. Actually, this is good though. Somebody is always by my side keeping me moving and stop me from stopping.

Maybe this is so-called faith. I put faith in myself and I believe I live my life for myself and not for other. Other can critics on me but they will not change me. I will only live with my own ways. I think this is because I have undergo a lot of accusing and thus this makes me lost faith on people other in myself.

I have never denied that there is also good-souls exist around me but still faith is the only thing that influence me again and again and help me through tribulation even somehow I will have to depend on good Samaritans to live off.

Going through similar path again and again is quite tiring but as long as faith exist, even global calamity will not change your view of life.

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