Saturday, July 19, 2008

From the ridiculous to the fabulous.

Finally, I step my feet into local varsity. Actually for me, this is a surprise as I have already lose hope of entering the local's. Instead, I have plan another route for myself as fast as I failed in the first trials.

On this month also, I was so agitated by a fucking guy who tried using his way to cut his business cost which by holding some of their employee's salary. As I was one of the victim, I was forced to lodge a report towards JSM(Jabatan Sumber Manusia). By using this route, I have to sacrificed most of my time travels to it's office and report my situation and the whole process was so time costing.

Right now, I have no more intention to be dragged into this complicated and troublesome case. As this case might and will drag for a long time and if I was involved in the whole process, I will be wasting almost a year or so without being able to do anything. This will definitely locking my time and halt me from stepping forward towards my goal.

I also understand that this is what so call world. This is a cruel world and only the fittest would survive in the end. I admit that I was not entirely the fittest but at least I think as I go on. I will not stop for this ridiculous reason as this surely will be stopping me from moving forward and reach my millionaire dreams which I expect to reach before the age of 30.

In order to reach this incomplicative yet hard achieve dreams, I will just fight on. Friends that I made, the interest I cultivate and the financial view of mine. Even as I am just on the border of elimination, I will try to climb up again no matter using what method. As I said just now, nothing can stop me unless I am dead. Time would still go on as I stop. So I will not be stopping now...

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