Friday, July 25, 2008

The start of a new journey

On 21 July 2008, I finally start to experience the life of what an undergraduate should experience. I formally start early in the morning and quite of enjoying the life of rushing and urging to the next lesson which is quite far from the previous lesson. Due to the rushing time, I was felt quite lethargy and doze off for a few minutes in the class. Maybe the professor was flying way too fast and I don’t understand lots of the thing she explained as I have skipped a lesson of class with her. I admit that the way she used to teach was quite similar to the teacher that taught me in my secondary life. Even so, I have long forgotten the technique of absorbing this fast running speech. In this tertiary education life, there are still a lot of thing wait for me to explore. There is still something that I haven’t even understood but I believe that I will understand it over-time.

As I finish my lesson by the noon time, I felt so free and tried to force myself to do something. Poor my little friends, they were forced to suffer with me for whole noon time. The only thing that we have done the whole noon was filling our own stomach by travels to the cafeteria of the other college and walk around between the building of Faculty of Science and Technology. Other than that, we were like wasting our time at the centre of the varsity. When comes to the traveling back to my college, I was like being exposed under the blazing sun and my back was filled with sweat.

We had waited for roughly an hour before the bus that travels to my college arrive at the bus-station. I was like wasting my entire time waiting for the bus. If can I would really wanted to walk back to my college but the only thing that stop me was the distance back to my college from my faculty is really far. The duration of travelling by walking speed is estimated to be about an hour. It will take forever to walk back and the sun was just shining above of me. So waiting for the bus was the only option. Even when it took quite some time and frequently packed with people, I have no choice but to take the bus and being squeeze with the crowd.

As there still a lot of thing undone, I spend quite some time to done all the undone. The only thing that still left undone is the health screening at the clinic and having chest x-ray. Maybe this might be done in this coming weekend. Afterward, I would have to prepare for my faculty’s Fac. Night. We have to perform a screen on love story with ‘Mocha’ as the main role. I have no idea how are we going to start all this and get it done together with the rehearsal so that we can be able to perform on the night which will be held on 8th of August (Friday). I really don’t like to be involved in the stage performance because I was forced to do it almost on every event in my secondary study life. When I heard that we are going to do a performance in group, I knew that I will definitely get involved as I was one of the only few remaining male species in my major program.

In the evening as I was waiting for the bus again back to my college from the varsity library, I heard that there is an organization specialized for Johorean. I felt quite happy as there is a place to gather all the Johorean Chinese in the varsity. Most of the activities held by the organization seem to be sponsors by the Malaysian Chinese Organization (MCA) of Johor. There is where some of my family members are getting involved in politics. Especially for my uncle (my father’s biggest brother) who currently work as an advisor in Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru Tengah (MBJBT) at Skudai, Johor.
Right for the moment, I was quite proud to be a Johorean as about half of the students study here are from Johor. Some of my friends who just live in Selangor was quite envy and jealous of the existence of this society as there are no similar society for them.

After in the late evening, our college organized an event which named The English Speaking Zone (EST) for our residential college. Seniors ask us all to gather in the hall at 8:00p.m. but the event only starts at about 9:00p.m. This event last for about two hours. Some activities was done in the event which were the singing performances, dancing performance, choral speaking, role playing, short drama and prize giving ceremony.

As understand, this event was to encourage the student to communicate more in English language as English is the international language no matter in where ever countries or fields. The performance has also work very hard as they has already start their rehearsing bout a few days ago. Just before the show, they are doing their final rehearsal which I don’t even have a look at it.

I also know that my college has the largest number of student reside. So there were packed with chairs and students in the hall. The crowd shows the great difference in numbers of female to male but we all was having our fun there. Although there is some part which was quite boring but there is still some parts filled with the genre of comedy especially the role playing act on the advertisement of News Strait Time (NST) in the channel and the acts of the Singlerella (formerly known as the Cinderella). The show was really hilarious but it was quite pity that I was unable to capture the acts in image as I sit too far from the stage.

The climax of the whole event I believe to be the singing in the finale part. The song “We are The World” which portrait the motto of the event was really nice sang the whole groups of student who perform ‘quite’ splendidly on the stage. Then, we are told to take a coupon upstairs which we expect to be something like sticker but never did I expect these-called coupon was just a very small piece of paper printed with the ESZ word and motto.

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