Friday, August 22, 2008

Scaring franatic

Time is rush and seem like everything is getting out of hand. The delusion of life is what we obviously been seeing everyday. Nothing is perfect as imperfection is everywhere. Rumours are flying everywhere too as there is no ground proof to proof the existences the stuff that people are talking about. As the rumours is pass down from people to people, it was dub with more and more fabrication. Day by day, the wording is getting more and more serious and frightening. Is this what so called people mind? Scaring people is not something fun and hilarious. Just yesterday I heard of a scary story again... Everybody is having their own version of story now. Is this what weirdo do? Even weirder than the one I met last time.

Now they talk about the raping case around my college. Everything here was like fabrication to me as I don't quite like the understanding of their extend. People tend to scare and get scared. Why is this happening and is getting abrupt in this society???

There is something that we human mind can't think well as well as using scientific method. As for this as a sample, we can't explain accurately why people tend to scare people for their own pleasure. Maybe is the fact that human gene pools' has indirectly mutate but how does mutation help in changing peoples' view on scaring others? I doubt this can be tested as human mind is so complex that only a few percentage of our brain had been tested and most of it was still an unknown.

So why not do something beneficial than scaring people? Can anybody stop this frantically act???
Please stop this stupid act now...
No more for this moment please...

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