Thursday, November 06, 2008


Human is highest level thinker than other animals does but still, human also become the foolish animal in the universe. We tent to do what animals don’t and this means we are really SUCKS. Some of our species start killing each other and in the end commit suicide just for the most minor things in life. Life is hard but lives are more important and should be in highest priority for a human to take point in. While, there are also animals which commit suicidal as like in what several whales does recent years. They are like human too but the way they protest is most extreme and yet effective. Animal lover and other residents who live nearby the shore tried their very best in saving the whale but their effort usually wasted. Whale is a large mammal which weight tones and require large amount of sea water to survive. People usually cried after they failed in saving something or someone special in life. When their effort gone in waste, they would usually cry just to express their suppress feeling. Thing does change. Some would be cruel and cold blood.

Now there are two situations which are really conflicting. One tends to save the animals from being harm but one does kill animals for their personal gains. Okay…just take a look at dogs. Some people really love dogs, they doesn’t even would linger a little thought to harm them and often treats them as one of their family members. They will shower their dogs with extreme loves and sometimes treat them like lovers. In the meanwhile, some tends to breed dogs in order to reap fortune from it. This is not something bad either as human are mostly money minded and would do anything just for the sake of
CASH. They will breed the dogs till some certain ages and cooked them for the sake of FORTUNE. People do eat dog meats as they think it is much more delicious and nourishing. So, there is a big clash in belief in human.

In these two scenarios, human the
LOVE still illustrate in the fondness of dogs. Just the way of express is much different. They love to care or love to eat. This is still LOVE. We can’t denied the truth that both are the same but different in just way of expression as in phenotypic or genotypic expression.

Sometime, we, human, think we create our own world but at the same time, we annihilate other species as they might be threat for us. So, the innocent animals are suffering at the same time, extinction. Before technology advance, human only depend on the great nature for living. Same as for animals, they will locate a safer place to stay and hunt for foods and resources for individual needs but now, this is no longer the case. Human are creating more havoc to the animalia and plantae world. This has greatly reduced the life span of the globe itself. Without knowing it, human too are getting to the verge of extinction. Yes…this is the truth and what we can do is just slow down the extinction process. Yet, this extinction mentions were not ordinary extinction. It’s mass extinction. Humans as well as other animals and plants will extinct totally from the Earth globe unless another mutation occurs or else, they might be another creation of living terrestrial on the globe.

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