Thursday, November 06, 2008



  Today, 6 November 2008, I finally start my paper. Damn freaking stress man. Just for this subject, I spend nearly a week time to re-enacts what the lectures taught earlier. Almost used up all my energy in this and yet I am really disappointing. BENJAMIN, how many times do you have to repeat your stupid behaviors? You know you aren’t that clever nor any genius but you still behave like this. This behavior really SUCKS and intolerable. Would you learn from the others who study smart? Whilst the well-prepared are resting, you force your body to the limit study till late midnight. Are you NUTS? You are hurting your body psychically and mentally. Don’t tell me you forgotten you have the knowledge in this in advance. Even so, why resort in this stupid act again? Can’t you learn? Will you change? NO…Should ask DO you really care of your health? Having poor body immune system but still wanted to act hero. Are you seeking death?


Never the less, right now you should really relax your mind. The toughest has just pass and the other shouldn’t be a problem to you except for ‘Genetics’ which also require a lot of memorization but is much more better compared to ‘Organic Chemistry’. Just let the matter off as after long struggle, fatigue and depressor are all over you now. The feeling of tiredness is unbearable too. Try not to sleep late again before exam okay? Gosh, should be – TRY to sleep the day before exam. DO NOT LET PRESSURE GET OVER YOU. Insomnia before exam will only make things worse. Let alone you can’t remember what you have read but your mind also do not function properly. This is really a HEALTH HAZARD for you.



Finally one of the toughest papers is over. Should be enjoying now and getting myself ready for the next paper. The paper on this coming Saturday should be easy as the basic is there. Just try to concentrate well and scoring it wouldn’t be a problem. Finally I can have a good night sleep the day before exam. Good quality of sleep really plays a main role in my life as I have to think a lot to cope with my exam. Most of the papers also require critical thinking and logical approaching. So a clear mind plays its roles.


Now, I also found a way to de-stress which is listening to music and sing along out loud if can. I never expect to be able to sing as I read and I still can remember most parts of what I read and sing the whole song out loud. Sometime, I would be singing the same song for several hours and I just like it. Aha…


Recently, due to excessively study and lack of sleep, my gastritis problem is getting more and more serious. Sometime, I have to bear the pain to sleep. Whilst unbearable, I would resort to taking tablet. There aren’t no side effect when taking tablets. After consume the tablet, body seems to be dehydrating and my gastric will excrete more juice and making my condition worse. Therefore, if allow, I would just let the pain take over my sense even though this really felt very terrible and unbearable. Hopefully, I won’t just collapse due to gastric problem as like what which has happened to my relative few years back.


Listen to music