Sunday, November 23, 2008

Worrying; solution; advise

New venture

My life has been a mess and I got to mix it soon. As my dad is starting his 'NEW' business about the vehicle NGV which is installing natural gas tube to the car for Bi-fuel use. Although the market has already has a lot of garage installing the NGV stuff, my dad be able to get the latest product and right now both him and his friends are the one and only distributor who has the permission to distribute the product to the whole Malaysia. The product namely High Power Intelligent Electric Control System for Petrol/Gas (N G V) Bi-vehicle. As told, it was the newest product in Asia region as it has already started to be installed into the European vehicles from the year of 2006, which is two years ago. So then, whenever I'm free, I have to go to the shop to tend the shop as there is only a worker who WE all do not trust too much. He seem to be like to slacking a lot and always look lethargy. Well, he like to brag a lot but doesn't even be able to complete a simple screw loosing task. Ha-ha... he seem to be scare of me too as he will not tried to get into the office when I'm in but will get into office to rest when my brothers were here. Do I really look so scaring or just being hideous? Anyway, just hope this business can be able to expand and my whole life will be another version of what I have been thinking of now.


Don't know how and when, my family members started to face with health problem again. This make me quite worry and scare. 

Firstly, my sister told me that she was having no appetite lately and will fart so much more frequently than usual. She also have to go to adjust back her bone as she fell down in the bathroom and the wash tube fell on her legs which make her leg swollen and her patella seem to be dislocated. If do not treat early then she will be facing problem to bend her legs later. 

Then, my dad, his back pain acting up again. Luckily is just a minor problem and not as serious compared to the past. 

Then, my mum, she will be having her exam soon and seem to be stress out. She will do what a stress guy do which, paranoid and quick mood swinging. 

Also, my uncle, heard he was so sick due to his rebellious son. Uncle buck up... Your life is still long and don't be so worry about this things as nothing will be better when worrying too much. In the end, only troubles follows. 

Then, my EX-, her gastritis problem seem to be worsen and her health condition deteriorated. In addition, she has to rush for her projects before dues. So, have to sacrificed her resting to devote totally in her projects so can be able to pass up before dues.

Well then, I am having no problem when they all facing problems. Maybe, this means I got to be the one to make everyone stand up again. The task is finally back to me again. I have to keep my body as healthy as possible so that they all will not be so worry about me when they are facing the same. Just, I seem to more lazy than before.

And... Ying, must take care of your parents ah... Look after your brothers too... This is what you have to do now and try to make your family lively again. Giving you support... Good Luck yea...
See you next semester.

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