Sunday, December 28, 2008

"2008" what happen till now?

This time, I will not be talking about my overview of year 2008 but the world's. 
Bear in mind that this is only a brief and simple yet  some of the overview of the whole year 2008.

  • In Kenya, more than 300 peoples were killed in the riot between Luo and Kikuyu tribes.
  • Eastern and Southern China experiences severe snowstorms. At least 24 peoples were killed and affect some millions of people.
  • 2 strong earthquakes in Congo has taken away at least 45 people life and 450 casualties.
  • A passenger plane of Venezuela  crash into an Andean Mountain killing all 46 people on board.
  • A data from United State suggest that 75 percent of crop varieties have become extinct in the last 100 years.
  • Dmitry Medvedev was elected to replace Vladimir Putin as president in Russia. Putin is expected to become Prime Minister.
  • Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria announce that they will recognize the independence of Kosovo.
  • A genetic analysis of blood samples from across Latino in America suggest that most Latin Americans are the product of a match between a European male and a native of African woman. Unbelievable huh?
  • The election of the President of United State still on going.
  • Violence against Olympic flame for passage through Europe and the United States.
  • Pakistan's new government introduces a bill that lifts controls on the media imposed by Musharraf under his state of emergency.
  • April 18th is the independent day of Zimbabwe.
  • Russia accuses Georgia of planning to invade Abkhazia.
  • A powerful wind hit Burma
  • Sichuan Province strikes with the worst earthquakes in 32 years. Killing millions of civilian.
  • In Kenya, a gang goes from home to home killing ten accused of witchcraft.
  • Presidential candidate John McCain breaks with Pastor John Hagee.
  • U.S lands a spacecraft on  Mars.
  • Barack Obama secure the democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton.
  • Israel and Hamas signs a Truce.
  • North Korea destroy a cooling tower at its main reactor in Yongbyon
  • Unemployment rate soar high.
  • Typhoon in Philippines kill hundreds.
  • Violence in Afghanistan  
  • UN peacekeepers are attacked in Sudan
  • Israel testing fire missiles.
  • Wife of ex-prime minister of Thailand was sent to prison due to corruption.
  • California ban trans fats in restaurants. 
  • The Olympic begins in Beijing, China. China dominated the games and emerged as the overall champion.
  • Musharraf resign as president of Pakistan. 
  • Taliban launches major attack in Afghanistan.
  • McCain chose Palin as Running mate.
  • Michael Phelp win 11th career golds in Olympic Summer Games making him the first athlete in Olympic to do so.
  • Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda resigns.
  • 16 killed when two bombs in the U.S embassy in Yemen explodes.
  • Bombing in Baghdad killed dozens.
  • Hurricane Gustav arrive at New Orleans.
  • Tropical Storms strike Haiti.
  • U.S. removes North Korea from the terrorism list
  • U.S. introduce $700b bailout package to save the economic depress.
  • Earthquakes in Pakistan.
  • Economy shrink for the first time after 1997 economy crisis.
  • China announce stimulus packages after the $700b package of US failed stand up the economy.
  • Pirates hijack oil tanker off the coast of Somalia.
  • Barack Obama elected as President
  • Stock Market tumbles again...
  • Journalist throw shoes at Bush. The journalist get caught on the spot.
  • Unemployment rate increase again.
  • Oil barrel price plunges.
  • Bernard Madoff was arrested for his fraud
This is all I can find and type in. Hope the recession will not as bad next year. And to all readers, Happy New Year!!!

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