Sunday, December 28, 2008

Varsity here, soul there

Today, 28th December 2008, me the disappointed one has already reach the saddening place a.k.a. my dorm. Getting ready for the whole day and set off early in the morning for the SAD place again. Gosh... why do I have to rush for everything? Anyway, I'm not the earliest to reach. There are some who reach way too early and they seem like does not even have time to celebrate the festival. Holiday is over and the torturing study life repeating again for the another time. Never the less, study is non-stop. We, human studies for the whole life without stopping and never end. No matter where we are, or how old we are, there are no exception in learning new things. We need to upgrade our knowledge in learning new stuff everyday. The more we study, the better we get to known the true face of the earth's surface. In anyhow, I have become more depress when I reach back to varsity as I have to face my low yet cruel result again. 

Anyhow, I am here and going to embrace this totally old but exciting life again. Study hard will be the main aims this semester and the resulting aims would surely be getting myself into the first honors degree. Still, there are way too long journey for me to go through before getting myself with what I have been wanting all the time. This means I got less time to waste for entertainment. Mainly focus on getting all the info and try to save a whole lot of files into my brain. Anyway, wish me luck^^

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