Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy no more?

After long waiting, my result for the first exam in varsity has finally out. Hoping for a good result and press on the button on my screen. While pressing, my heart felt like going to flew out as it was really thumping too fast. I am really nervous and scare for that  moment. The moment I saw the result, I was dazed. I have no idea what actually happens and how this happens. All I just knew is I am so so so much disappointing with my result. 

Nearly failed for the core subject and score better with all my sub subjects. This is too much. Why is this happening to me again? Whenever I hope or wish for a better result in whatever field, I would surely get a worse result. A result out of my expectation. As though I had already prepare for the worse, the result would always be worst than what I can think of. This is too cruel to me. Yeah... too cruel...

Fate is playing games with me again and again and this game is an endless game which would surely end when my life ends. This means I got no choice to continued as a player in the game and play till the end. Do I really have a choice to exit from the game? The answer would most probably be "N", "O" = NO...

Maybe I should be happy for the result I got. At least pass with credits. Even so, I need time to recover from the blow. Got to work really hard for the next semester in order to get a better score. 

I apologize for letting you all reading all my craps. Thanks for reading this post till the end.

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