Monday, December 15, 2008

Trip to be Remember

I'm not going to introduce Malacca City here so if you want to get more info about Malacca City I have already provided with a back-link. Find out Malacca by clicking the title of this post.

Well last week, we, The Night Cat Club has went to the Malacca City for "vacation". In fact, we had plan to help out dearest friend, Hui Lee, celebrate her 20th birthday which has pass a week before our arrival. Basically she was quite fortunate as we only greet her and neglected her twin brother. Whilst, her twin brother friends will still greet her birthday when we don't. Right from the beginning, this trip was just a cover up for her late celebration. As they were discussing about their 2009 New Year's Trip, the idea just pop out suddenly and we discuss it in a very weirdo manners. Using sign language and some body language, we barely manage to trick her that we are going to have a lot of fun in Malacca. As we plan the route, we actually include the location for the celebration which is in a Cafe. 

Then on 11th December, we arrived at the Malacca Sentral. The moment I reach, I saw someone quite familiar but still I doesn't seem to recognize her standing at inner side of the road. Then only I realized she was Yin Fong. Could not even believe that I do not recognize her. Maybe her look change but this is not important. After meet up with Hui Lee, we had our lunch in Mc' donald while waiting for the arrival of Foo Kit. He reached when we finish our lunch. Such coincidence rarely happens I suppose. Afterward, we cross the street to the market to find Yi Qian as she was our "Tour Guide" cum "Driver". She has straighten her half curly hair and look quite different although she still act as her own. 

We settled down in Hallmark Hotel. The moment we reach our room, the journey continues. We went up high with 'Menara Taming Sari" and took a lot of pictures from there.

Here are some picture I took from there:~

The first day we arrive and the only day for us to go to all the famous visitor sites.

Here is where we go (just barely took these two pics) :(


Eye of Malaysia was also there. Here is a comparison of beauty between Day and Night. Obviously, the view in the Night better and more attractive.


After walk through all the destination we suppose to go, it is time to return to room and have a refreshing bath and continued our plan for the birthday celebration. With the help from waiter/waitress and singers there, we manage to give her a shocking surprise.

After the celebration, we went back to our rooms and rest. I never knew that I am actually the one and only who was be able to sleep so soundly. Too Glad ;p...

On the second day, we just go to Dreambox for karaoke, watch a movie ~ The Day The Earth Stood Still by Keanu Reaves. After the  movie, its walking time. We went to The Jonker Street and have our dinner there.

This is what I'm having. He-he...
Finally, on the third day we check out in the morning and went to Jonker Street for Chicken Rice. Finishing plate of rice and its time to say Good Bye to them. The couple still stay there for another day while Hui Lee and me went back.

Even though the duration is short but I returned with a smile.

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