Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New look, new thinking

Kinda love my new blogger template. In order to be more differently, I had custom made the header picture and background by my own. The new layout seem to be able to attract more readers or fellow bloggers to visit my page and this make me more happy as I was able to share all my thought with them.

Today, I also get to found out several quite interesting blogs with unique blogging style and nice pages. They are able to place all their gadgets in a very comfortable manner and its very neat. They also seem to be concentrate more on the theme they create for their blog and this probably be able to attract more readers than I do. Never the less, I will not give up on my blogging style in blogosphere because there will not be any imitation in blog style as this is actually depending on the blogger. The way the blogger conveying their message is much different and not apt to be compare of.

Although there is nothing much I can do for my blog, I would still upgrade my writing and my language. Actually my english command is quite worse and terrible. There are still a lot for me to learn. Usually, my thought is different from what I type as I'm mixing up all the language I acquire throughout my life. Due to this, my writing became disorientated and the ideas flew around like birds.

p/s: Please help me to improve my writing. If there is any correction or the word jumble, kindly comment on my post and I assure not to make the same mistake again in the future.

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