Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice Festival (Dong Zhi)

Today is "Dong Zhi" which is also known as Winter Solstice Festival. The daytime is shorter and it would be the starting of the windiest day in my country but winter in other seasonal countries (a.k.a arriving of winter). Well, this suppose to be the last festival that we Chinese will be celebrating in the lunar calender. This is also a family gathering chances for everyone especially for large families. My family also belongs to a relative large family and whenever there were festivals, my grams house will be so crowded and noisy. I love this feeling though as all my relative will be there and a lot of activities to be done. I am sure to be helping out in the making of Glutinous ball which also known as "Tang Yuan". According to the elders, we ought to eat the amount of the balls according to our ages. I'm 20 right now and this means I have to take 20 of it then.

Looking forward to see my relative later and sure photo snapping won't be less. 

I will be showing the photos of the making of "Tang Yuan" after this. So remember to visit my site again to see the "Tang Yuan" I made.

If you want to understand more about this festive, click on the title of this post... Thanks and "DONG ZHI KUAI LE!"


梦幻园主之雯 said...

leave some tang yuan for me!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I hope you had a wonderful gathering with your family! It is wonderful to share some of the customs of your heritage with folks that aren't familiar with them. I have enjoyed learning something new. Thanks for sharing.

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