Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Dreamy Tale

Here is my another dreamy tale. Just in the morning, I made a weird dream. In this dream, I am still myself but back to a few years back. There is a new virus spreading and one of my friend was asked to be sent to a elementary school for quarantine purpose and the elementary school happens to be my elementary school! Fanatic right? In that school, there was a room specially to be a quarantine room which has all the basic facilities (doesn't even exist in the real world), while the person being quarantine will be locked in there during the probation period.

And so happens that I'm also in the room for visiting purpose though. I've no ideas why I can still be allowed to visit in the quarantine room. Anyway, I was there and out of a sudden we are fighting for no reason. The fight last for about a minute and everything become peaceful again.

The dream then skipped to another scene about my varsity life. couldn't remember much about it as it was too short and will be sure that I will be suffering in the trials to remember back the details.

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