Thursday, January 15, 2009


The varsity election will take place tomorrow. It will surely be in a chaotic state soon. There are peace loving groups and there are also anti-peace groups. This is really chaotic as both parties were akin the real government parties which has interconnection between the varsities and the nationals. As where will the election take place... "You Know Where", "You Know Who". I can't really stat who they are but to those who knew about this, you really know who and where and even all the insider news for this election. Swt... why they are so childish? Even demos for nothing. This really tarnish the good name of varsity and reduce our chances in getting jobs in near future. I doubt the big companies will hire us for the bad names they made. They made the varsity names foul and  sincerely, I am really angry and sad for what they did. It's a good thing to do politics but not overboard. To the troublemaker:~ We all are still student and what you all create now will surely influences and even changes our life. Bright future are once again being shaded and longer time is need to reduce the impact on us. Have you ever think of what gonna happen before action? What you all done now really make me felt quite disappointed as all of you are my seniors and should know how to think and act. Mindset should be more matured than mine and surely can does things well. Well, from my observation these days, you have nothing but craps. Please think before do anything. You are already an adults. By means, what you all should do is set a role model for us, juniors to follow.

I really can't accept that this can really be so politics. Even dare to blackmail people. Who do you think you are? A student by right should focus more in study not in scheming to threaten others. Even little child knows what called respect and you all are already adults but what you all think was like a 3 MONTH OLD BABY you know? Don't even know how to filter what need to do and what doesn't. Why is it like this? STill saying 'IF something happen to you, don't blame me' to the other party huh? What the use of doing so? If you play the game nice, people will surely support you but using dirty resort in order to win sure will be hated by the other for the rest of your life. 


Idiots, stop using such childish mindset anymore...

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