Monday, January 12, 2009

The camp ~ MAE SURE WIN

Just returned from the BSMM's camp. Quite lethargy though but still gain a lot. Frankly said, I have never been to a camp with so many "mountain climbing" activities. Almost everyday had once. 

~First day~
As I am having my lecture class till evening, I set off to the camping site late. We waited at our college's bus stand at around 7:30 p.m. While waiting for the bus to arrive, there are just too much to be discuss of. Still, the bus arrived only at around 8 p.m. I am not sure of the actual time as I did not bring my watch and handphone alone. Also, I didn't bring my wallet with me. Sat in the bus and enjoy the "roller coaster" feel. The bus driver drove extremely fast when turning making us all felt like having the roller coaster. At last, we reach the destination place safely. We are then forced to walk up a hill to the camping site from where the bus drops us. Shitting tired walking the path man. Then, we are all assigned to a groups. I'm in group 6. 

In the group discussion, we have decided to use 'M.A.E" as our team's name. So, what it means? 
M= Motion
A= Active
E= Energy
I am so happy as this is opinion and my group members accept without any hesitation. 
Now, here's my cheers --> M motion, A active, E energy claps MAE MAE Motion Active Energy WE ARE...THE BEST...Waoh

My group consist of 10 persons with 3 guys and 7 girls.

In the night, we start our first jungle walk.

~Second Day~
Woke up early in the morning and heard a bad news ~ NO WATER!!! Ok... that is just too normal when having  camps. Morning exercise for about 30 minutes before we are set for breakfast. After the breakfast, we have to change in order to go for the station games. It was quite fun as we all tried our fully best in all 7 stations. After the games, we were given raw foods and rice to be cooked by ourselves. By using branches as firing tools, we are given 3 hours for the cooking. Initially, we dug some holes and buried sweet potatoes and eggs into the ground. Then start cooking all the other material we got. 

After the cooking and eating session, it is time for another talks. This talks was on rope tying and transportation. I was quite amaze by the transportation the instructor teaches us. The 360 degree of turning with a man tied onto the stretcher really stunned me. After the talks, we are given a topics for the night show. With the theme of care for the environment and some other sub division theme for each individual groups, we are forced to brainstorm once again for the show. Luckily we all still manage to use our creativity to perform in the night whilst our lecturer were taking marks. In the night, the committee said that we all have to stay according to time for patrolling purpose but it was actually a scheme for the first two groups to be casualty in the emergency operation. I act as an casualty with femur, tibia and fibula's fracture. It was a closed fracture and I was advised to lie down. Found a spot in the jungle middle of the night together with 19 more members. Waited there for about an hour before the aider arrive and tagged us. So, I actually slept during the waits as I was really too tired and the temperature was just fine for sleep. 

~Last Day~
Woke up as usual in the morning with exercise and breakfast. Then our head of camping give a talks on the operation earlier on. Afterward, the next jungle tracking taking place. It was a 3 1/2 hours journey and we went through muds and small river. Everyones' shoes was wet and dirty. After the walk, along the way back to our camps was filled with foul smells of shoes. The smell was really unbearable. 

The lunch was the best lunch there as we were given Chicken Rice. It was quite delicious and the syrup was just cold enough for us to cool down our body as there were not much time allocated to bath and rest. It was then the closing ceremony. There was also announced the winner and it turn out to be my team emerging as champion. HA.. Lucky us getting all the co-operative members. After photo taking session and cleaning, we were then say good bye to everyone. 

P/s: This is only a brief explanation on what going during all three days of my camping life. For further and more detail explanation, kindly ask from me. Thank you

Now it's comment time... Comment if can. Thanks.

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